Virgin but Horny Girlfriend’s Pussy Filled on Holiday

Hello readers, this is my first story here. I hope to get a good response to it, with your comments and feedback.

Firstly, let me tell you about myself. I’m Yash, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. My height is 6’2ft, weight is 74 kg. I’m a gym-going guy and my body has a similar shape as Hrithik Roshan, which girls like the most.

Talking about my studies, I’m a 3rd-year student pursuing BBA. My girlfriend’s name is Arpita. She lives in Dubai with her brother. Her family lives here. She has 33-22-33 measurements. Her height is 5’3 ft. She is very fair in complexion and has a sexy body shape. Men will easily fall for her charms and physique.

Now, getting back to the story. When my girlfriend was having her vacations in May, she visited India. We are in a relationship for 2 months. We were talking on call and chat for more than 20 days.

Finally, we met each other. Till then, we hadn’t proposed to each other.

One fine day, we went to a café shop. I have a car which is a Harrier. It was modified and all the windows were covered with black tint, so no one from outside could see what was going on inside.

We had our coffee. I was going to drop her back at her place, but she said it was too early to go back. She suggested that we go somewhere for a ride. I readily agreed.

We were just riding around. Suddenly, my gf said, “Let’s stop here and talk. I’m getting bored.” We started talking. She said, “I’m not comfortable here. I’m going to the back seat,” and she started watching a movie on her phone.

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I followed her to the back of the car, after parking in a lonely spot. After some minutes, I could feel her head falling on my shoulder. I gave her space and said, “You can rest on my shoulder.”

After some minutes, my girlfriend stopped leaning on me. I felt something was touching my dick! When I looked down, it was her hand that was rubbing my dick over the pants. She saw that I was getting aroused by her actions and kept doing it.

Then my lover stopped and started kissing me. First, she smooched me and then we french kissed, and later we were wildly kissing each other, exchanging our saliva. OMG, I was tasting and smelling her! What a moment for me, it was!

I was very shy to touch my girlfriend’s body. But she took her hand and kept it on her milky boobs. She started pressing it hard and said in a sexy voice, “Baby, I am yours. You can do whatever you want to do.”

My gf removed her top now. I started pressing her boobs and started kissing near her neck area behind the ears and on her chest also. I tried to lick her boobs over her bra.

I could see her losing her control. I unhooked her bra and ohhhhh……my god, what a pair of boobs she had! And I could see her hard nipples on the top.

Without wasting any time, I jumped onto my girlfriend’s tits and started sucking and licking it hard. She was moaning in a very high voice, “Aahhhhhh, Yash….Keep doing it. Please, I like it.”

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I took her right nipple in my mouth and started biting it very hard. She was moaning loudly while I was rubbing her nipples and pressing them.

Then, it was time to get to the treasure between her legs. Slowly, I went down and removed her jeans. She was wearing a colourful panty inside. I couldn’t wait.

I started sniffing my girlfriend’s pussy over the panty like a dog, “Ohhh myyy Gooooddd, what a fragrance.” I could just stay there for the whole day!

I was licking over the panty and couldn’t stop myself from removing it. I started sucking her pussy. Wow her juices, “Yeaahh sluurpp!”

I was going all the way inside my lover’s pussy. I could feel her inner wall with my tongue. She was feeling the real pleasure for the first time.

I took her permission and inserted one finger inside her vagina. Woah, it was soo wet. She was releasing her juices like a river and I was taking it all inside my mouth.

After I finished licking her pussy, I kept on fingering her. But, this time, I was doing it 3 times faster. And with a big loud moan, she cummed over my hand.

My girlfriend was a hungry girl and wanted more. I told her that I didn’t have a condom right then. To my surprise, she said that we don’t need it.

My girlfriend was a virgin and I had sex once before.

She came onto me with her sexy voice, “Yasssshhh plleeeeaaassseee naa, let’s do it.”

I knew I couldn’t say no to her. I agreed the next second. In one movement, I removed my jeans along with my boxer. I was naked.

My girlfriend removed my t-shirt. I was feeling shy in front of her. To put me at ease, she came to me and gave me a deep kiss. All this time, my dick had become soo hard. I thought she would be giving me a hand-job. But, that was the day to expect more.

My lover started giving me a blow-job. Ohuuulaalaaa, my dick was in her mouth! I was going crazy. She gave me a blowjob for almost 15 minutes.

Then, it was time for my sexual dinner! I inserted my big, thick, dick in her vagina. I knew that she was a virgin and had a tight pussy. So firstly, I inserted only the top of my dick. I gave time to her vagina, and inner walls to adjust slowly. I started giving a push. It was painful for her until my full dick had gone inside her. She was enjoying it.

I started stroking at a medium pace. My gf was calling out my name and moaning fast and loud. I fucked her for nearly 40 minutes and then she came. In the end, I didn’t cum even a single time. I could have told her to give me a handjob or a blowjob to help me to cum, but it was her first time. She was exhausted and couldn’t even move.

Then I dropped her near her house. I saw that she couldn’t even walk properly. She reached home somehow and had a bath and then she slept.

I reached my house and masturbated for 15-20 minutes, imagining the great sex we had. Then I too slept.


So, guys, that was all. Tell me how it was? This is not fake or made up. It’s a real incident. I have many incidents of different types like these that I will share if you all are interested.

Any interested girl can contact me on my email [email protected] See you guys the next time.

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