Beast Male Servant Seduces And Fucks Beautiful Girl

“We have a new servant, Anu,” my mom told me.

“Who and why? What happened to ours?” I asked.

“She was sick so she went to her village. Instead, she sent her husband,” my mom said.

“Okay, for how long?” I asked.

“For 2 months is what she said,” my mom replied.

“Oh, come on inside. You must be Venkatayya,” she said as a man entered.

I didn’t bother to look and was on my phone.

“Yes, madam. My wife sent me. I just reached,” the man answered. My mom asked him more questions and began explaining all the work he had to do, etc. I was busy on my phone and paid no heed to their conversation.

“Is this your daughter, madam? She’s lovely like a flower,” he remarked.

“Yes, she’s my only daughter. She’s 24. Lovely, isn’t she? She works from home now. Anu beta, greet him,” my mom told me.

I looked up only to find the ugliest man I have ever seen. He was ugly. His features were ugly with a dark complexion. He was on the fatter side with a huge belly and he was also only 5″6. He looked 50+. But I tried not to show it on my face and greeted him, “Namaste.”

Then, I went back to my phone again.

“You brought all the luggage?” mom asked him.

“Yes, madam.”

“Okay, you can keep it in your room. Anu beta, show him his room and when he puts his luggage in there, show him the house and explain what he has to do.”

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I was reluctant to go. I didn’t want to go with him. But I couldn’t disobey my mom.

I asked him to follow me and took him to his room. The new servant put his luggage there while I was on the phone. I looked up to see he was only a few inches far from me and had to stand close because of the luggage on the floor. I wanted to move away from him but couldn’t.

“Anu madam, I saw a photo of yours when you were younger. My wife showed it to me once. You have grown into a beautiful woman. A very beautiful woman. You have blossomed like a pretty flower,” he told me, trying to make conversation.

I didn’t want to reply but thought I’ll be polite and thanked him while I looked up only to see him stare down at my huge breasts.

In case I forgot to mention, I am a pretty and fair complexion girl with beautiful long black hair and a busty figure. I have been busty since my teenage but my boobs, hips, and ass grew a lot more. Luckily, I didn’t gain a lot of stomach fat and maintained myself well. Now I am 38-28-40.

Yes, a lot of people wanted to date and lusted after me but I am very choosy and never gave anyone much of a chance.

When I caught the new servant staring, ‘Ugh.. pervert!’ I thought. That meant he must have ogled at my swaying ass when I walked in front of him. The thought made me angry. I wore just a t-shirt and a track pant but because of my curves, everything looked like they were tight on me. My boobs looked like they wanted to burst out of the t-shirt anytime.

He didn’t seem to notice I had caught him staring. “Let’s go,” I said and walked away thinking that he would ogle at my ass again. I showed him the whole house, garden and what he had to do. The whole time he was trying to stand closer to me and paid extra attention to my words. Or maybe he pretended because he just wanted to ogle at my body.

The last place I took him to was the storeroom. I told him what was stored there in case he needed anything.

The storeroom was smaller with all the stuff around so we had to stand close again. He seemed very happy about it. I wanted to get out of there sooner but he kept asking me questions which I believe was intentional to stay close to me longer. He would point out towards something on my side of the room accidentally brushing my arm.

I couldn’t say anything because there was no space and I couldn’t accuse him it was intentional on no grounds. Plus, he would deny. He asked me to open some boxes and show it to him which I couldn’t refuse so I went ahead. I could feel his gaze on me.

After a while, it was getting stuffy and hot and we both started to sweat. My clothes began sticking to my body and the shape of my big boobs was more clear. My nipples were also slightly visible. I didn’t want to turn around towards him like this and give him a chance to lust more at my body. But I had to turn around.

I could see his eyes light up seeing me like this. Seeing how the back of my t-shirt also got sweaty, I was sure he must have had a good view looking at my back and must have expected this.

I took a look at him and he looked uglier sweating. His thin t-shirt also stuck to his body and I could see his revealing more of his huge belly.

I opened the box to show what was inside and suddenly, a mouse jumped out! I screamed, threw the box aside, and leaped forward to escape but only ended up pushing the new servant and falling on top of him. I didn’t know why but I felt dizzy and lost consciousness.

I think I woke up after a few minutes. I didn’t know how much time passed or why I had passed out. I lay on something soft. I felt someone caressing my back underneath my t-shirt. I could feel their rough hands on my bare skin. I could feel another hand on my ass slightly pressing it.

I could feel something very hard poking my pussy. I then slowly remembered what happened and immediately lifted my head along with my torso partially to see I was laying on top of our new servant. Our bodies were pressed together.

He smiled at me and told me that he was relieved as I was awake. I got angry and tried to get up but he held me down on top of him.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked angrily.

“Madam, do you not see how the metal shelf fell because of the chaos?”

I looked up and the metal shelf was leaning against the opposite wall. If not for it, it would have fallen on us. There was no possibility of standing up or even properly sitting because all the boxes from the shelf also fell and surrounded us. I thought of crawling and reaching the door but there was no space to push the boxes aside. They had to be lifted.

“Madam, you must have assessed the situation by now. We are stuck here until someone comes to help,” he said.

Oh no. Nobody will come to help at least for 2 hours because my mom goes to the temple at this time on this day of the week. Now I’ll be stuck with this ugly position for 2 hours.

“Why didn’t you call for help?” I asked hiding the fact that my mom wasn’t home.

“I did, madam. But no one came,” he said.

As if I’ll believe that! He must have thought that it was good because he can touch my body.

“How long was I unconscious for?”

“Maybe around 15 minutes, madam. It hasn’t been that long,” he said.

Ugh, I didn’t know what all he did with my body for 15 minutes. If he was telling the truth that is.

“I don’t understand how the shelf fell when I only leaped forward.”

“Madam, you may not remember but I saw the first thing you did was jump backward and that caused the shelf to fall. Did it not have a good grip, madam?”

Damn it. It was possible. That shelf was always shaky but I never thought it would fall.

“Why were you touching me when I was unconscious?”

“I didn’t, madam,” he said with an innocent expression.

All this while I also noticed he taking peeks at my big boobs on which the t-shirt got stuck to revealing the shape of them. I felt so uncomfortable.

“Madam, can I say something if you don’t mind?” he asked.

“What is it?”

“Madam, you are not only very beautiful but you are also extremely sexy with a good body. In my whole life, you’re the most beautiful and sexist girl I’ve seen. Whoever marries you, madam, he is the luckiest man in the world,” the new servant said taking deep breaths. The lust was evident in his voice.

I didn’t know what to say so I kept quiet.

He went on, “After marriage, relationship changes with your spouse. But I was never interested in village girls. I always liked city girls. But you, madam, you’re the most beautiful among all of them.”

‘Ugh, what is this pervert talking about?’ I thought.

“Madam, I don’t know how your dad is living under the same roof as you,” he said.

“What?” I said not knowing what he meant by that.

“I mean, madam, you’re so beautiful and sexy, he must get hard whenever he sees you. I don’t understand how he’s able to resist you. At least from touching you.”

WTF, this freak is crazy!

“WTF are you talking about?”

“Don’t get angry, madam. I mean you have such a young and supple body and any man regardless of relationship would get hard looking at you,” he said as he put his hand under my t-shirt and began caressing my bareback.

“You also smell so nice and lovely. Your fragrance is enticing me,” he said as he took my hair in his hands and smelled it.

“What are you doing?! Take off your hands immediately,” I yelled.

“I am just explaining to you, madam. Look how supple and tender you are,” the servant said and grabbed my boob with the other hand after leaving my hair. I held my torso up with my two hands on the ground as support. I couldn’t even brush it off. I’d fall on him and get pressed to his body again.

“Look how firm you are,” he said with a lustful voice as he roughly caressed my boob and bareback. He groped another boob and roughly caressed both of them. Then he gently pressed them.

“Look how erect your nipples are, madam,” he said as he pinched my nipples.

I was surprised to see that. It meant I was getting turned on and I was! Slowly getting turned on because no one handled my boobs so roughly like that.

He then began pulling my t-shirt up.

“No, no. Don’t do it!” I protested but he didn’t stop.

He lifted one arm of mine after another and removed the t-shirt. I was still holding my torso up with my hands to the ground. I was in front of him only with a black lacy bra covering only half of my boobs. His eyes lit up more than ever taking in my beauty.

“Wow! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at your boobs, they look like they want to burst out,” he said and began to grab them. The male servant put his finger between my cleavage, traced the outline of my boobs, put his hands inside my bra, and played with them as he liked.

I was suppressing from showing that I was turned on! He then pulled his t-shirt up from underneath me and removed it. I could see his hairy chest on his dark skin. My stomach could feel his big belly underneath it.

As soon as he undid my bra, my huge boobs fell out and revealed their complete size. His eyes lit up even more. He played with them for a while, pressing them, making them bounce, and holding them.

Then he pulled me up so that his mouth reached my boobs. He started sucking on them and licked them like they were ice cream. I was suppressing from moaning and kept asking him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. His hands roamed all over my body pressing my ass in between.

He pulled my pants down and held my ass in both his hands and began pressing it and smacking it.

“Madam, this is the best and biggest ass I’ve ever seen. It is so sexy. I want to eat your ass,” he said and played with it for a while, running his hands all over and tracing my panty

He then slid me down again. Once again, his rod was poking my pussy. I still held my torso up with my two hands. He said he could see my beautiful navel from here and wanted to ravish it but can’t in this position.

The servant suddenly grabbed my head from behind and pulled my face down. I knew what he was going to do. He was strong. He put his lips to mine and started kissing me like a hungry beast. He put his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss me roughly as his hands began roaming all over my body. Eww, I never wanted to kiss this ugly fucker!

Now my body was completely pressed against his since he pulled me down from holding myself up and held me in that position. He was kissing me with such intensity that I was getting turned on so I started kissing him back and he started kissing me even more deeply while he pressed my ass.

This went on for a while and I couldn’t take it anymore. My pussy was throbbing for a dick. The servant put his fingers in my pussy from above the panty and felt it. He could also feel how wet I was. I felt so embarrassed getting wet and turned on by this ugly fucker.

“Madam, look how wet you are. I think I should give it to you now. I can’t take it anymore, madam. I’ve been waiting,” he said.

He pulled my panty down, managed to pull his pants and underwear down. Now I could feel his enormous dick to its full size. It was so rock-hard and felt so long. He asked me to pull myself up again, adjust myself so that I can kind of sit on his dick for him to put it in which I did.

“Now, I am putting it in, madam.”

The servant parted my legs and put finally put his huge dick inside. At first, he couldn’t fit it in. I also understood now that not only was it long but also very thick.

He pushed more and managed to put the whole thing in. It hurt but later it was fine. I thought I would die with such a big dick. My pussy wrapped itself around his big dick as soon as it was in

He moaned, “Madam, you are so tight. I am going crazy,” he said as he held my hips and started thrusting in.

I felt like I was in paradise. I gave up suppressing and started moaning, feeling it all as the servant’s dick went in and out of me. We both started moaning loudly in unison. I wanted to scream because his long dick went deep inside.

He increased his pace and started thrusting faster making my boobs bounce rapidly.

“Aha! Such a beautiful sight, madam. I can’t believe I get to fuck the most beautiful and sexy girl,” he said as we both started fucking and moaning like animals. “No matter how much I fuck you, it’s not enough.”

We both reached an orgasm and came one after the other and he pulled out before he could cum inside me.

I was exhausted and we just fell on him. We both just lay there for a while as he gently rubbed his rough hands all over me. Wow, I can’t believe I just fucked this beast and had sex in this confined dusty place with him but it was so satisfying and much better than my ex-boyfriend who couldn’t satisfy me at all.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. The servant told me to get dressed before my mom came home. I was surprised he knew. Maybe mom must have told him before she left.

“How are we going to go out from here? Don’t you see the metal shelf?” I asked him.

He told me all he had to do was lift it if I managed to move aside even a little. I somehow tried it so that he could get up, enough to touch the shelf. He was able to lift it. Then we got dressed and arranged the boxes again.

Before we left the room, I slapped him.

“Bastard, you tricked me in order to fuck me,” I said and began to walk away.

“No, madam, you got it all wrong. I can explain,” he kept saying but I wasn’t having it.

Next time, I’ll tell you how the beast servant managed to seduce me and make up to me. I will also tell you about all the other places we fucked and how we did it. Also, how I caught him with his hand in my mom’s blouse once. Plus, my dad catching me have sex with him and what happened after that!

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