Boss Gifts Virgin Employee Strapless One-piece And Cock

Hello everyone, My name is Aditi. I am from Delhi. I am 27 years old, 5’7 in height with a fair complexion. My figure is 38C-28-34. I have been a regular reader of this site. So, I decided to pen down my stories. Since this is my first story, please give me your feedback.

This incident took place when I was working as a new employee. I used to work in an MNC company back then. At that time, I was 25 and was an extreme workaholic. My boss was my inspiration at that time. So, one weekend, we decided to arrange a little weekend party. My boss gave me the charge and told to prepare everything for the party.

I had done everything, and I was struck at the variety of food. Suddenly, my boss came over and stood there.

Maulik: Hey Aditi, How’s the preparation for the party going on?

I looked up and smiled at him.

Me: Good evening, sir. Yes, it is going well.

Maulik: Why do you look so tired, Aditi? Are you stressed out about the party preparation?

Me: Not really, sir. I’m just confused about the food. What do I order?

Maulik: Ohhh, so that’s the issue. What’s your favorite cuisine?

Me: I like French cuisine.

Maulik: Alright, order French cuisine. That’s final.

Me: But sir. What if others don’t like it?

Maulik: Tumhe pasand hai na. To bas, its final. (You like it know, so that’s final).

I was stunned at the way he had given me importance to add my favourite food. I kind of in a way liked his attention. Later, we discussed the party theme. Since my boss was a Bollywood fan, we thought that the theme should be retro-Bollywood. I liked that idea too. It seemed very appealing.

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Then, he said something shocking. He asked me to help him with buying the clothes and that we would go shopping. I hesitantly agreed. I told him that I would wrap up the work and come. Then, my boss made fun of my workaholic behavior. After that, we went down to the parking lot and got into his car.

Maulik: Oh and yes. Since the office hours are done, I’m not your boss any more. Just call me ‘Maulik’.

I laughed it off and refused to call him by name. But he kept on insisting. Eventually I had to agree. While on the way to the mall, I was busy looking at the streets, pass by. Suddenly, he apologized for something which confused me. We then reached the mall, and he declared that we’ll be buying my dress first, which was a surprise.

We got into a shop. I got stuck between choosing two dresses. Maulik chose the polka dot, one-piece dress. He instructed me to try it in the trial room and come. After I came back, his jaw dropped.

Maulik: Damn it, Aditi! You’re looking stunning! Party me sab ladke pagal ho jaenge. (All the guys in the party will go mad on seeing you).

Me: Haha, Aisa kuch nahi hoga, HR mujhse zyada sundar hai. (Nothing like that..haha. HR is more beautiful than I am).

Maulik: Shhhhh! Nahi. But there’s a problem. Your bra straps can be seen. Do you have a strapless one?

I was damn shocked at this. He had observed all this? I just shook my head. My boss laughed at this and told me that now he wasn’t my boss but just a good friend. He then purchased a black strapless bra, and told me to try it with my dress. When I came back again, he was awestruck.

Maulik: Almost perfect. Just some mild adjustments are needed. May I help you?

I was confused at what adjustments should be made, so I agreed for his help. It was a bit awkward when he entered the trial room with me. My heart just started racing wildly. It was the first time I was this close to a man.

My boss pulled the dress a little lower and my cleavage was visible. I was shocked, so I tried re-adjusting it. He stopped me from doing that.

Maulik: Let it be the way it is.

Me: Why?

Maulik: Because I like it this way.

He then placed one of his hands on my cleavage and the other hand on my waist. He turned me towards him and looked into my eyes with love. I had a nervous look on my face. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. My boss then pulled me closer and kissed me on my forehead!

Maulik: Aditi, I have really loved you ever since I saw you.

I just couldn’t react. I stepped back and told him, “Not here.” He asked if I liked him too. To this, I hugged him tightly and told that I really loved him. After that, we bought the dresses and went to the parking lot. He gave me a tight hug. I felt really great in his arms. We went out for a long drive and had dinner too.

It was 11 pm, and he told that he wanted coffee, so we drove over to my house. He sat on the couch and I got him coffee and lemon tea for myself. Then, I went to the kitchen to keep the cups.

My boss suddenly came and hugged me from behind. He kissed my neck, then my earlobes and started sucking them. I started breathing heavily. He wrapped his hands around my belly and whispered, “Aditi, you’re so beautiful.” He turned me towards him.

Maulik: Why are you sweating, babe?

Me: I’m nervous.

He took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat off my brows. He held my face and slowly brought it closer to his. He started kissing me. I responded to his kiss. He lifted me up and made me sit on the platform. With a lot of passion, we kept kissing each other. First, there was a little sucking of the lower lip, and then the upper lip.

We were pressing our bodies to each other. I wrapped my hands around him and hugged him tightly. To catch some breath, we break the kiss.

Maulik: I’m so lucky to have you, Aditi.

Me: Me too.

We smiled at each other. My boss moved down to my neck and kisses it as well, and bit it slowly. He took me in the same position to the couch. He made me sit on his lap and rubbed my ass as we were kissing madly. Slowly, he unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away.

My boss kissed my cleavage, then, my shoulder and gave little bites to my collar bones. I shut my eyes and was breathing heavily. I started unbuttoning his shirt too. With his teeth, he lowered my bra straps. At that time, I used to wear tight bras, so my boobs wouldn’t come out. My boss started kissing my boobs over the bra itself.

He removed the bra and was stunned to see the boobs pop out. Like an innocent kid, he asked if he could suck them. I laughed and said, “I’m all yours, babe.”

He pounced at them – the right boob in his mouth and the left one in his hand. It was an awesome feeling. I felt really great. I started moaning then. He tried taking the whole boob in his mouth which was in vain. I laughed at this, which made him bite my nipple hard. I shouted and told him to ease up. He smiled at this. But, I was mad at this act.

My boss tried to kiss me, but I turned my face away. I pushed him down and moved on top of him. I gave him a wild smooch and then hugged him. He had his hands on my ass. I went down, kissing him constantly. He had my hair under his control in order to prevent my hair from disturbing while kissing his abs.

I slowly moved down and unzipped his pants. I pulled down his pants including his underwear. My boss’s 7 inches monster was standing as erect as an iron rod. It was the first time I was seeing a dick.

I kissed the tip, and slowly move down licking it like a lollipop. I was sucking it little by little. He had held my hair in his hand, bound in his fingers. He moved a bit up giving me thrusts. I moved up and exclaimed, “Don’t do that! My throat is sensitive, and I might die if I choke.”

My boss pulled me over to him and kissed me. He turned me around and placed my foot on his mouth. We were in the 69 position with me lying on him. He slowly started licking my pussy. I froze.

My boss started tongue-fucking me and I was moaning heavily. He had a firm grip on me. I was literally wriggling like a fish. He kept licking and biting and sucking it till I came and collapsed over him. He took me in his arms, and kissed me as we cuddled each other.

Maulik: Are you ready to ride the heaven with me, Aditi?

Me: I am, my love.

My horny employer kissed me passionately and carried me in his arms to my room. He turned on the dim light and kept looking at me. He grabbed some Vaseline kept on my dressing table and applied it on his dick.

He parted my legs and started kissing. He was going deeper and deeper with more passion. He starts inserting his dick in my pussy. I felt a jolt of pain pass through me. I tried pushing him away. He stopped, then kissed my eyes and forehead and tried entering again.

I grit my teeth and tried controlling the pain. The pain was unbearable. He tried giving little thrusts.

Maulik: It’s just matter of seconds. Please.

Me: It really hurts.

He got up and looked pretty pissed off. He found his clothes and started getting dressed. I ran to him and hugged him tight.

Maulik: I guess you’re not ready.

Me: Now I am.

My boss kissed me and pinned me against the wall, opposite to the mirror. He lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his crotch. I positioned myself and in just a single thrust, it was deep in me. He was kissing me simultaneously. It was damn painful. I cried for a while.

Meanwhile My boss started pounding me. He was going in and out. Slowly, I started enjoying and matched his rhythm. I moaned crazily, shouting his name, “Yesss babe, fuck me harder. Yeah!! Ahhhh. Come on Maulik, make me your bitch. Yesss. Faster! Faster babe!”

He then took me to the bed with his dick still in me. My boss then fucked me in the missionary position. From slow to hard, he increased his pace. The bed was literally making creaking sounds. I had already come twice.

Then, we switched to doggy. He pounded me hard. He was moaning hard and enjoying. He cupped his hands on my boobs and continued. After 15 minutes and totally almost an hour of continuous fucking, my boss came deep in me and collapsed beside me. We cuddled and fell asleep.

I hope you really like the story. It would mean a lot if you drop your feedback on my email ID: [email protected]

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