Hot Spanish Colleague Gets Emotional And Physical Support

After having a few good fuck sessions in Sydney and losing a good friend, Rec for life after he caught me fucking his girlfriend in his car, life was just going on. I do visit brothels time and again here in Sydney but it does not give me any pleasure.

Coming to this story, it is a story about my colleague Claudiya who ended up giving me all the pleasures that I was hungry for. I am working as an operation manager in one of the aged cares in Sydney.

Claudiya was a Spanish co-worker of mine who works as an admin assistant. She was in her late 30s but looks a lot younger and has a well-maintained body. She was a mother of a child and had been married for almost 10 years now.

One day while I was attending to my emails in my office, she knocked at the door. I greeted her and asked her if I could help her. She said that her computer was not working, and hence wanted to use my computer for a while to finish her paperwork for the day. I had no reason to say no to her and allowed her to do it immediately.

My Spanish co-worker came in and sat down. I just sat beside her in the adjacent chair and started to play with my phone. I started asking her random questions about her family to basically break the silence. I asked her about her son, to which she told me how cute he was and how much she enjoyed being with the little one.

I then asked her about her husband, to which she reacted very strangely. She tried to avoid the conversation and tried to change the topic. I asked her if she was divorced. She didn’t speak a word for 2 whole minutes, and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I felt instantly guilty about asking something that I shouldn’t have.

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I handed her a few tissues and offered her a glass of water. She declined and said that she does not have a pleasant relationship with her husband. Her husband did not feel any attachment towards her and kept himself busy with other ladies at his workplace.

I asked my Spanish colleague if she was sure about her husband having an affair. She told me that she had often read text on his phone from that lady at his workplace. She also said that they talk about adult stuff.

I asked her why she didn’t confront him if that is the case? She said she didn’t want her son to be living without one of his parents until at least he turned 18. I told her that I was ready to help her just in case she needed anything. She said she needed emotional support and tried to hug me.

Without hesitation, I hugged her back and started rubbing my hand on her back. I had no bad intentions towards her until that point in time. I started feeling my Spanish co-worker’s bra strap inside her shirt from outside when I was rubbing my hand on her back!

I took my hand down to her butt-cheeks and started grabbing them. I realized it was a bit more than a hug by now. She did not resist or didn’t show any sign of being uncomfortable.

I slid my hand inside her shirt from the back and started feeling her bareback. I started kissing her neck now. I was licking her neck and earlobes by then and my hands had already unhooked my co-worker’s bra from the back.

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She stopped me and asked me to lock the door so that no one can walk in and see us. I then realized I was at my office and anyone could walk in.

I rushed and locked the door. I turned her around and started kissing my Spanish colleague vigorously, undoing her shirt and smelling her. In no time, I grabbed her red, unhooked bra and tossed it on the floor. I grabbed her left boob and started sucking her right boob at the same time. She started playing with my dick from outside my pants.

“Do you want it in you?” I asked.

“I want to eat it before it goes in,” she said.

I quickly undid my pants and put my dick in her mouth. The Spanish lady sucked it for 15 minutes like a hungry child. I pinched and played with her decent-sized tits all this time.

Then I was about to cum and told her. She never stopped me. I completely unloaded in my co-worker’s mouth without a drop dripping outside. She completely swallowed it and I was very surprised to see that as I had never seen anyone eating all the cum so passionately.

She did not stop. She then started sucking my balls and inner thighs. Within no time, I was hard again and was ready to fuck the married Spanish babe.

I dropped her pants and asked her to lie down on the table. I shifted everything on the table to the floor and started pushing my dick deep into her canal. I fucked her for 20 minutes. She was moaning and I had to keep my hand on her mouth to minimize the sound as people could hear us. She was swearing at her husband while I was fucking her!

“That fucking idiot thinks he can fuck others and I can’t let anyone inside me if I want,” waswhat she was saying. “I fucked with 3 guys since I found out he was fucking that bitch in his office.”

“I don’t get sex from him but he is not the only one. Make me your bitch, fuck me in all possible holes in this body,” were some of her words when I was fucking her.

I spilled out my second load on her belly as she didn’t want it inside her. She cleaned herself and dressed and left after that.

Later that day, she came to my office again and thanked me for the support I gave to her. She winked at me when she left and also promised me that there is much more to come. This was Claudiya, we still fuck time and again when we get the chance in the office.

There is one more fuck story at my workplace with one of the Nepalese nurses. Write Comments if you want to hear that.

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