Young Son Has Sex With His Cheating Mom

Hello everybody. This is ISS King here. This is my first story here, and it is about my first sexual experience. This is a real incident, and it happened 2 years ago.

A bit about myself. I am 5′ 8′ tall, slim athletic body with a 6″ dick. I love MILFs, but I like horny young sluts as well. I am a sucker for big boobies. I love piercings and tattoos. I’m from a village in Karnataka, currently settled in Bangalore.

This story is about how I fucked my aunt and mom and how I was drawn into the beautiful world of incest.

My mom’s name is Sindhu. She is tall, has 34D boobies and has a face to literally die for, with juicy lips.

My aunt, my mom’s brother’s wife is Swati. She’s of medium height and has 34C boobs. She’s got a nice bubble butt.

Coming to the story, my mom is a teacher. My dad works abroad. So, it’s only me and her in the home most of the time. We are close to our uncle and aunt. My mom’s brother and his wife.

One day they came to visit us, as they would twice a month or so. We spent the weekend roaming the city, shopping, etc. On Monday, I had to go to college and my mom had to go to college as well, a different college though. Uncle and aunt would stay for a couple of days more and leave.

After I reached the college, I got to know that one of our professors had passed away due to a heart attack. So they declared it a holiday. I came back home in half an hour. Since my mom and I would reach home at different times, we had our own keys, and we could come in whenever we wanted.

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I opened the door. As soon as I opened the door, I could hear somebody moaning. I was scared that it might be my uncle and aunt having sex as my mom would have gone to her work. At the same time, I wanted to watch them having sex as I hadn’t seen live sex ever. So I thought of peeping through the keyhole.

I slowly walked up to the door and peeped. I was so shocked! I saw my mom riding her own brother, my uncle, and he was eating his wife’s pussy at the same time! I was stunned for a few minutes.

After some time, I gathered my courage and barged in. All three of them were shocked to see me there. They tried covering themselves with whatever they could. My mom asked me what the hell I was doing here now. I asked her what she was doing and what’s with all this.

My aunt wrapped a blanket around her, came forward to explain things. She took me to a different room. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Swati aunty, what is all this?!!

Swati aunty: Don’t get angry. I’ll tell you everything. You know your dad is away all the time. Because of that, your mom is not satisfied sexually. She spoke to me about this. Your uncle and I offered to help her. This also spiced up our sex life and made their relationship grow stronger.

Me: Isn’t this wrong, aunty?

Swati: No. It all depends on the perspective. Everybody has physical needs and nobody must be deprived of satisfaction. Being unsatisfied affects mental health too.

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I was kinda bummed. I had no words.

Swati: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Yes, I do.

Swati: Have you had sex with her?

Me: Yes I have. (Although I hadn’t. I was a virgin.)

Swati: Isn’t it wrong? You know Indian culture right? Isn’t it wrong to have sex before marriage?

I remained silent. I was still not happy or convinced with what she was trying to tell.

Swati: Are you attracted to older women?

Me: Yes.

Swati: It is natural for young guys to be attracted to mature women and vice versa. Our body is like a temple, it is pure, there is nothing wrong in having sex. Sexual urges must be satisfied well.

Then, all of a sudden, she removed the blanket she had wrapped. My aunty was totally nude in front of me. She started teasing me by squeezing her boobs. I started getting hard. My sexual desires took over. And I forgot that I was angry with them!

My aunty touched my dick and I just lost it. I was too aroused. She winked at me and said, “You naughty boy, look at your thing it’s so hard.” I told her that it was her who made it hard. She took off my t-shirt and undressed me completely. She gave me a deep kiss, held my hard dick and took me to the bedroom.

My mom was shocked to see me naked. Swati winked at her and said there you go. I seduced your son too. My mom didn’t seem too happy about this. She didn’t like the idea and was scared that I’m going to tell my dad.

Swati assured me that she had convinced me and it was totally safe. Then they decided to continue the fun. Swati told me to fuck her while uncle fucked my mom.

My aunty was too horny. She told me that she had been craving for a young cock since forever. She guided me to her hole. I slowly pushed my dick inside her. This was the first time I was having sex! It felt amazing to feel a pussy after just masturbating for so many years.

As I and aunty were in full swing, I could see uncle fucking my mom hard. She had closed her eyes and enjoying it. I and aunt suggested that we should switch. Mom was totally against it. She told that it’s not gonna happen. She can’t let her own son fuck her.

I on the other side was too horny and after seeing her get fucked well by uncle, I wanted to fuck her too.

It took some convincing by Swati, and later she agreed. I was literally in heaven.

I was going to enter the hole from where was born. I wanted to fuck her well and satisfy her. I wanted to show her that I can fuck well so that she won’t be unsatisfied ever again.

Sindhu: Come here, I’ll blow you first. It will be easy to enter if I lubricate well.

So my mom knelt before me, in between me and the bed. She held my shaft in her right hand. Stroked me a couple of times and then went for my balls. She put her tongue out and licked my balls. The very thought that my own mom was doing it made me go crazy!

My mother licked the shaft from the bottom and reached the tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip. I shivered for a moment. Then she put my dick inside her mouth and started sucking I could tell, she was a pro at giving blowjobs.

Just when I thought that she took it all in and deepthroated me so deep that I could literally touch her throat. I pushed her head hard and made her gag on my cock. She blew me for about 5 minutes and then told me that I was ready. Indeed, I was rock hard and ready to go.

Mom positioned herself on the edge of the bed, spit on her hand and rubbed her clit. She then held my shaft and guided it to her love hole. I slowly inserted the tip. She gasped for a moment. I was fucking my own mom!!

I started giving her slow strokes. After a couple of minutes, mom’s pussy gulped my cock well. Her inner walls were gripping my cock well. I increased my pace. She pulled me down to her. We started kissing while I drilled her pussy hard.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. With each stroke, she started pushing me harder with her legs.

We broke the kiss, and then I held her face in my hand, I saw deeply into her eyes and drilled her hard. She was too passionate and horny. I pinched and sucked her nipples in between.

My mom was about to have an orgasm. She begged me not to stop and started rubbing her clit. I fucked her with fast strokes, and then she shuddered. She had a huge orgasm. She squirted so hard that she pushed my dick out of her.

After she was relaxed, we switched positions. She told me that I’ll be able to cum soon if we fuck in doggy style due to more friction. So we tried doggy. She bent down on her fours. I entered her from behind. I reached out to her boobies and squeezed them while I rammed her cunt. I banged her for another 10 mins and was about to cum.

I told her I was about to cum. She asked me to fuck her until I was really close and then tell her. I gave her another 10 strokes and told her.

She knelt and I couldn’t hold it. I burst out. I couldn’t position myself to cum in her mouth. I came all over her eyes, nose, lips, her entire face. That was my biggest load ever! She looked so hot with her beautiful face smeared with fresh white jizz. She played with it like a cumslut. Finally, she licked it from all over her face.

I was so proud of fucking my mommy real good. By this time uncle and aunt had finished their session and were watching us fuck like rabbits.

That was my first experience. I was drawn into the world of incest and I couldn’t wait to explore more.

I hope you liked the story. Your feedback would be valuable to me and would encourage me to share more of my experiences. You can contact me at [email protected] if you want to leave feedback. If any horny unsatisfied women want to have a good time in Bangalore, I am up for it. Thanks a lot for reading. See you in the next one.

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