Young Curvy Delhi Girl Feels Wetness In Pussy On Her Date

It was a rainy day when Avni decided to go out for a date. She was a young girl in her mid-20s wanting to begin her life full of adventures. She was fit, with curves just at the right places. She had little stretch marks because of her workouts and avoided putting on a lot of make-up.

There was nothing too dreamy about Avni. She was fair-skinned, her eyes black, and she had silky long hair. She had her flaws, but that is what made her real. Even though she seemed innocent to many, only she knew the slut she was inside. All her life, she had dated guys, but none was good enough to bring out the slut in her.

After meeting a guy online, she thought of giving it a shot. The profile seemed interesting. He was around 6 feet tall, with deep honey-brown eyes, and a good physique which made him look appealing. He wasn’t the most handsome, but he knew what to say to make her warm love-hole have butterflies.

That day was the day she was going to meet him. Walking down the busy streets of Delhi, she finally saw him waiting for her in his car. She was surprised as the plan originally was to meet in a cafe close by.

As soon as he saw her, he drove his car towards her and opened the door. “Welcome aboard, gorgeous,” he said in his deep mature voice.

“Glad to be here, captain, or shall I say master?” she replied, letting her slutty side-slip out for a moment. She had already surprised herself.

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How could this be the first thing she says to him, she wondered. But that was how his mature, reliable, and strong personality made Avni feel. He made her feel secure. She didn’t have a care in the world when she was with him. She could be all she wanted to be. She could do all she wanted to do.

Giving her a light smile, he started driving towards the Delhi cantonment area. This was new to her and wasn’t in the plan at all.

“Hold on, Rahul, where are we going?”

“My place Avni, looking at you in that white dress has made me change my mind.” She was surprised at how bold she was.

On a normal day, Avni would have got out of the car. But something about him made her smile instead. She gulped down a lump of air which was making her anxious. She then rubbed her thighs together as she shifted herself a little towards him, stretching her arms out and getting comfortable in the sedan.

She knew the wetness she felt in her pussy was different this time. They hadn’t even exchanged many words but there was still so much that was on her mind.

It rained heavily and the city was surprisingly calm. With Rahul’s hand slowly rubbing her thigh, he asked, “So, what are you expecting, Avni?”

Avni thought for a while in silence. She knew what she wanted. She took a deep breath and with her sense of newness to this, and said, “I want you deep inside me. So deep that I lose the sense of who I am.”

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He just smiled and kept driving ahead till he reached an apartment, a little off from the main road. He got down with an umbrella and opened the door for her from the other side. He took her hand and held her waist tightly as they walked towards the apartment. The rain was heavy and they had drenched their clothes.

Rahul grabbed Avni’s smooth waist and held her close to him. Avni felt the boner over her ass grinding against her. Licking Avni’s earlobe slowly, Rahul whispered, “You’ll be fucked till you can’t walk straight. You’ll cum for me till you soak in your own juices. You’ll be the whore you were never for anyone. I will take you, as you wanted.”

Avni left a light moan as she felt her legs weaken, “Yes, daddy.” She walked out of the lift towards the left as he directed her. All her fantasies were about to come real.

Rahul held the door for Avni and asked her to get in. As soon as both entered, Rahul closed the door. Avni turned around and looked right at her. Their bodies in heat knew what both of them want. Time felt heavy and moving fast. Taking a good few seconds, Rahul admired Avni’s beauty.

The curves were clearly visible due to Avni’s drenched clothes. Rahul leap at Avni like a hungry animal waiting to feed for a long time.

Avni lips were soft and juicy. Rahul kissed Avni hard as he pinned her to the wall. One of his hands was holding Avni’s waist close to his cock and squeezing her ass. Naturally, the other one was on Avni’s throat, choking her. Rahul let his tongue in and explore Avni’s wet, warm mouth.

Their wet bodies rubbed against each other as they ate each other out. Rahul bit Avni’s lower lip in the heat, making it bleed a little. He kept sucking on it and traced his tongue across Avni’s pretty face like an animal wanting to taste its prey. His other hand now was squeezing Avni’s right tits hard. Avni moaned in Rahul’s mouth as he continued sucking and playing with her tongue.

Their kiss was wet, sloppy with the spit dripping down from the side of their lips. Rahul then felt Avni’s hands removing his pants, and it came off easily.

Rahul tried to feel Avni’s pussy and he noticed that she was naked underneath the white dress. With one swift motion, Rahul removed Avni’s pretty dress exposing her naked self.

Avni’s tits were big, with perky nipples. Her waist ended with a little curvy ass. Her cunt, shaved and ready to be taken by him.

They were now kissing each other passionately. Avni wetness was visible with sweat slowly dripping from the side of her pretty face because of the intense making out. Rahul was only in his shirt with his sleeves rolled up while Avni was standing there naked in front of him.

Rahul’s 6 inches long, thick and veined cock was hard. Avni made him so fucking hard. Avni slowly stroked Rahul’s throbbing cock over her juicy pussy. The pink tip of the cock was over Avni’s clit, pressing against it as he stroked it against her. They both knew they wanted it raw. They didn’t care about what was going to happen next.


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