Maths Teacher Teaches Me To Multiply With Cock!

Hi all, I am Arvind. I am a big fan of Desi Tales and wanted to share my experience during my college days with the woman of my wet dreams, my Maths teacher Mohanaa. We all used to call her ‘Mohanaa miss’. I don’t want to give her body structure details. Just imagine actress Ramya Krishna. Yes, that is exactly her with her killer looks!

Her looks were enough for our pants to get wet. My Maths teacher was married and had a 6-year-old daughter. I never had wild thoughts about her. But one day she wanted some help in lifting our homework notebooks to the staffroom. She was holding one set and I was holding another.

While placing the notebooks, she accidentally slipped and I held her and lifted her. That day, the smell of her body drove me crazy. That was the first time I had touched a woman’s waist and trust me it was like a hurricane of hormonal explosion in me! I also got a glimpse of my Maths teacher’s cleavage that I wanted to use as a nest for my 6 inches thick mouse!

After that incident, I put extra effort into studying Maths, and I started solving all the difficult sums in the hostel. Ours was a residential college and she lived in one of the quarters allocated for teachers.

After the completion of our mid-term, Mohanaa miss was distributing our papers. She kept my paper for the last and she gave a small speech in class.

“This paper surprised me while I was correcting it. An average student who used to score 25-26 out of 50 in that paper, took my attention. I cross-checked again and verified with Suresh Sir (her colleague teaching Maths) and yes he is none, but our own Arvind who scored 50 out of 50 in my paper which I strongly suspect.”

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“I want you to solve 5 problems that I brought today in front of the class.”

She had hit me right on my pride. I took that as a challenge and solved all the 5 questions on the board. There was a standing ovation from my classmates. I stared right into my Maths miss’s eyes and gave a smile of victory! From then onwards, I always used to give a smile whenever I used to wish her ‘Good morning’.

I started bugging her with sums and doubts in the staffroom, and sometimes I used to go to her quarters to get my doubts clarified which she always encouraged for all students.

One Sunday, my Maths teacher called me and my classmate Usha (another topper) to assist her to correct other students’ unit test papers. It was a common practice for teachers to take the papers to their quarters.

I was in my bermuda shorts that day, and Maths miss was in her semi-transparent nighty. She offered me and Usha grape juice, and we were sitting on the floor correcting the papers. I had a doubt about one of the sums and called miss to have a look. She bent over and man! I saw her juicy melons! I couldn’t stop but keep staring at them.

Without my knowledge, my 6-inches rod bumped up from the side of my bermuda. She noticed it and just went off to the kitchen without saying anything. I adjusted my bermuda out of embarrassment. My dick was a little famous across the college, and my friends used to tease me as ‘Katthethunne’ (donkey’s dick).

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After that incident, my Maths teacher hardly used to look at me in my eyes. She was clearly avoiding me. But, as a teacher, she was always committed to helping her students.

I wanted to get her attention back and I found one of the most difficult sums on the internet and asked her to solve it. I also challenged her that she cannot solve it in one day. That hit her ego. She was completely invested in that sum and perhaps at 8’o clock in the night, she sent one of her tuition guys to call me to her quarters.

I went there and yes, she was in the same semi-transparent nighty. She called me inside and handed over her notebook. I checked all the steps and it was perfect. She gave me the same stare that I gave her in the classroom that day and said, “You may be good, but I am the best. I am giving you two sums. Solve them by tomorrow if you are a man!”

Yes, those were her words! And that was how our war of egos started, and it was like a chess game. I always used to respond to her mighty moves with my own.

Another Sunday, my Maths teacher called me to her quarters. Her husband had gone on a business tour and it was just her and her daughter at home. She told me let’s have a game! We both found 10 sums on the internet and called for a race. I took up the challenge and finished the sums within an hour!

She cross-checked all the steps, and she couldn’t take the defeat by her own student. Now her common sense stopped speaking and it was all her ego. She told me to wait until she finished her bath. I sat on the sofa watching TV.

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After 5 minutes, she rushed from the bathroom with just a towel covering her juicy body and water was pouring all over from her hair. She asked me to bring the notebook again and showed me one of the flaws in my work. I wasn’t caring anymore about the sum. I was just looking at my teacher’s semi-nude body and shaking melons while she was talking.

Suddenly, I came to my senses and started arguing that my steps are right. Her ego reached the top of her head and she sat on the sofa in that towel and started solving the problem again.

Once she completed it, she got up and showed it to me and shouted that I had lost the race. At that moment, the knot of her towel loosened and I got the complete look of her perfectly-shaped MILF body!

I just held my bermuda, and said, “Madam, I want to go to the toilet.” She said, “Sorry,” and grabbed her towel and went inside the bathroom smiling and told me that I can leave for the day.

Now, the story was different. She wasn’t avoiding me but giving me the kinky smile always. She met me in the staffroom and asked me to come in the evening at 4’o clock to her quarters.

I went and rang the bell. She opened the door and this time, she was in her white turkey towel!! Yes, she handed over the notes consisting of 3 sums and told her she will be taking a bath and to finish them before she completes her bath.

I took that as a challenge and finished within 15 minutes and shouted, “Miss, I have finished.” She heard me and rushed from the bathroom with the same towel.

My Maths teacher sat on the sofa and began checking all the steps. She stood and stared at my eyes yelling, “You smart little bastard! You did it again!” She released the knot of her towel and opened my bermuda and held my 6 inches thick dick in her hand. My married teacher was giving me a hand-job!

I couldn’t control myself. I bent over and grabbed her from her ass. I lifted her and threw her on the bed. I was kissing her all over her body.

Then I went down and made her lift her leg. She spread her asshole using my fingers and inserted my head into it. I ate my Maths teacher’s ass and pussy like there was no tomorrow! I bit her boobs and lips. Her lip was literally bleeding.

I started calling her by her name, “Mohanaa, I will rip your body into two halves today.”

She responded in the same way. I inserted my dick in her pussy and started hammering my teacher. My shots were so fierce that the wooden cot cracked and broke. We smiled at each other and I lifted her and threw her on the sofa. This time, we were in the 69 position. We both were eating each other, and honestly, she was the best.

The passion at which my teacher was sucking my dick, I felt her pussy should have been her mouth and her mouth should have been her pussy.

I came in her mouth. We both gave a kinky smile at each other. It wasn’t just sex. It was a clash of two egoistic brains that made our sex fantastic! Neither of us was in guilt. In fact, she told me that she even wants to marry me after divorcing her husband after some years.

She used to visit me often even outside college. We used to have all wild sexual fantasies and role-plays! Our Maths relationship was still there.

Once I completed my engineering and got my job, I went and proposed to her. As promised, Mohanaa divorced her husband and married me. Our parents opposed our marriage but that didn’t stop us.

Mohanaa is the perfect match both for my brains and my dick! I have happily accepted her daughter as mine, and we are a happy family today!

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