I Fucked My Mallu Neighbour Girl Malavika

I am Pawan from Mysore. I met Malavika from Kerala who came to my city for joining an IT firm. The mallu girl Malavika was very attractive and had hot features 34-30-34. I always used to fantasize fucking her. Beauty like her always remains in the hearts of the boys.

I met her first time near my flat. She was living in the adjacent flat. So, we started talking to each other by chance. She was initially reluctant to have long conversations with me, but in due course of time, she started developing an interest in me. Then she started talking freely with me.

One day my mallu neighbour had some problem with her fan’s switch and she called me to rectify that. I was on cloud nine. Then I went to her flat and replaced the worn-out switch. She took me to her bathroom and showed me the worn-out tap. That too was to be replaced.

I told her to get a new piece from the hardware shop. Then she went out to buy a new one. That was a decisive moment. I got plenty time to do anything. Then I fixed a hidden cam in her bathroom without her knowledge before she arrived with a new tap.

She then arrived with a new tap and I duly replaced it with the worn-out one. She said thanks and I left the place happily with the expectation that I could see her bathing on my mobile phone as well as laptop.

The same day night at 8 pm, Malavika arrived at the market after doing some purchases from the local mall. Then she entered the bathroom to have a hot shower. I was pretty much looking forward to this hot moment. My excitement was just breaking all the barriers.

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Malavika entered the bathroom. She slowly removed her t-shirt and she was in her pink color bra. The mallu girl then removed her tight jeans. Now she was in her bra and sexy panties. I was becoming hot at this scene. My dick started coming out of my pants.

She slowly unhooked her bra and released her hot big melons of 34″ size. My dick became harder. Then she removed her sexy panties and was fully nude. My dick became rock hard and I was watching Malavika’s next move.

Then she took a razor from the bathroom shelf and she applied soft cream over her pink pussy and her voluptuous thighs. After that, she slowly started shaving her hairy pussy. It was not that hairy, still, she preferred to keep her pussy neat and clean. I liked this thing of hers.

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Then Malavika started shaving her pussy slowly and the soft pussy hair was getting removed. She slowly started shaving her hot sexy thighs which was a real treat to watch. I was stroking my dick!

Then I removed my dress and became fully naked. She applied the cream to her armpits and it was a very hot sight to watch! She shaved her armpits and finished shaving.

The Kerala girl opened her hot shower and applied soap over her breasts of 34″ size. After that, she applied soap on her thighs and hot pussy. Then she applied soap on her hot ass of 34″ size. She fondled her hot boobs and ass which was a real treat to watch.

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I became very hot at this sight and started stroking my hard dick violently and finally masturbated with utmost satisfaction.

The next day, I was looking forward to what Malavika was doing. She entered the bathroom at 8 am. Then she removed her night dress. She was neither wearing a bra nor panties. She was using a sex toy at that time to masturbate herself.

Then mallu babe stood under the shower. I could see her hot boobs hanging sexily. Her shaven pussy and thighs were really sexy and made me hot. She slowly inserted the male dick (sex toy) inside her pink pussy and was moaning slowly. She pushed the dildo inside her hot pussy and was enjoying it immensely. I was watching Malavika’s boobs sexily shaking. Then I became fully naked and started shaking my dick hard.

I watched her reach her climax and her whole body shuddered. I too couldn’t control myself and I reached the climax watching Malavika’s sexy body and her masturbation with a dildo.

My life became so interesting that I always started to fantasize fucking Malavika. I was so attracted by her sexy bodily features that I felt like fucking her in real terms. Then I went to the special shop where sex toys are sold.

I bought a sex toy for myself and I tried it myself imagining that I was fucking hot Malavika. I inserted my hard dick into the woman-like doll by applying vaseline on my dick. I first started slowly.

My movements were rhythmic. Then I started feeling Malavika under me and I kissed the doll’s lips with the feeling that I was kissing my hot Malavika darling. I enjoyed it like anything which was an inexplicable joy.

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I felt Malavika’s boobs under me. Then I felt Malavika’s tight pussy which had my dick riding. I was fucking my darling Malavika with a lot of passion. Now I could feel Malavika under me moaning with pleasure. I was fucking my hot bitch Malavika with great satisfaction.

Then I began thanking the guy who gave me the Malavika-like structure fucking doll. I started feeling that I was going to cum in hot Malavika’s tight pussy hole and I ultimately cummed inside the sex doll and felt the satisfaction of fucking Malavika my darling.

It was night 7.30 pm and Malavika was entering her flat. I was eager to see what was going to happen. I was tuned online on my laptop. Malavika entered the bathroom at 8.05 pm. She was in her churidar which was very attractive.

I was very eager to see her drop her churidar and reveal her sexy hot boobs. The second part will come soon.

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